Hock Brace

This brace is used to support the hock joint for the various injuries that afflict this area. For minor instability issues, the metal support will be hinged. In situations where the ligament is further compromised, the metal will be fused to achieve a more rigid support (eg: Achilles tendon failure)

Carpal Brace

This brace is used for injuries sustained to the carpal joint. These can include hyper-extension, trauma, or other instabilities that renders the pet lame in this joint. The brace is easily and securely applied to the leg using velcro straps. Rigid support is achieved with the use of metal positioned depending on the degree of support required (severity of injury). For smaller breeds (eg poodles, shelties) a supportive elastic strap is required over the shoulders to prevent the brace from slipping.

Knee Brace – Single Leg

Although our design is typically bilateral if the patient has had a previous TPLO surgical repair and now the other leg has incurred a cruciate injury we provide a single leg brace.  It is also used as a preventative option to protect the “good” leg if the other leg is undergoing surgery.

Knee Brace – Bilateral

This brace is designed to support both knees, thus preventing the ‘good’ knee from sustaining injury from uneven weight distribution. With a metal support that articulates at the joint, it will provide support for injured cruciate ligaments. It may be used pre/post Op or instead of surgery, depending on the veterinarian’s opinion.

Length of wear will be dependant on a number of factors such as pet’s age, activity level, home environment and thus “triggers” that put them at risk to injury. The knee brace’s intended use is diversified, however, the best rule of thumb “The Sooner, The Better”. If a partial tear is suspected, the pet will benefit greatly from the legs being supported sooner than waiting and allowing for further damage to occur

Knee Brace Testimonials

I just had to tell you, our Buddy had his follow up appointment with the orthopedic specialist this past Tuesday, and she was so satisfied with Buddy’s progress, she released him, her words were, “I believe that Buddy dodged the bullet”, she advised me to stay with the brace for at least the next month and start him on some limited walking exercise. She stated that Buddy’s knee really tightened up and was totally satisfied with his recovery. I totally believe that the use of your brace was a contributor to Buddies recovery without surgery.
Thank You again

Thank you for some tips, we did have a lot of rain and snow in the past couple of days. Also the right side does still have a little curl at the inside leg, I’ll take a look and try to give a little more trim on that side. But the irritation is higher on the inside of his leg. He has been walking much better with and without the brace, and his walking better without the brace is what scares me right now, because he thinks that he can do more, to soon. The irritation is healing fast I’m been putting some medication on it, I’m just going to have to keep a little closer eye on him until it gets better so that I can use the brace again. I’m just a little discussed with myself, because I went from be somewhat discussed with the knee brace to loving it, it sure gives him that extra support that he needs until he gets completely healed. I’ll try to do some experiments with some pant legs to see if I can cover it. Thanks again you have been very helpful, it’s nice to work with someone like your self, that really cares.

Just a follow up on the brace for Moshe, its working so well, he is using the leg, and I do a little phyiso and massage every night, he has chewed the strap on the opposite leg brace but its still working thanks again for all your help paula mills
Just wanted you two ladies to know that Baby is doing fine with her braces.
She doesn’t seem to mind them at all and she is walking really well in them.

(fyi: the “other lady” is the owners vet)
Hi Molly, Well I’ve had the brace on Tundra several more times and today Gwen (the accupressurist who helped with measurements, etc) watched Tundra walking in it. I’m afraid that I’m not a visual person so it was hard for me to evaluate how the brace affected Tundra. Gwen is very visual and much better at assessing movement. She definitely feels that the brace addresses several problems that concerned her, and that overall it is helping stabilize his legs and spine. The one new problem that we’re seeing is that now he seems to be turning in excessively at his left hock joint. Not a fault of the brace, but just if there is weakness and instability and then you support one area, there seems bound to be some compensatory movement elsewhere. I will try wrapping his hock joint in an Ace wrap and see if that helps at all. Since we were not expecting the brace to return Tundra to marathon-running condition, I will be very happy if it can provide some support for his hind end and thus avoid (or at least delay) more serious problems. Gwen’s assessment was that the brace is doing exactly that. So I will continue putting the brace on for short periods of time and we’ll see how he is doing over the next few weeks (keeping a close eye on that hock joint). I am starting to get a sense of what causes him to sit suddenly. You are correct that it is not the pressure on his spine. It is a bit hard to explain but I think when his left leg starts to give out a bit (which I think happens when he gets it in a bad position), he cannot recover and work against the brace to straighten up so he just ends up sitting down suddenly. He also doesn’t seem able or willing (can’t yet tell which) to get into a standing position from a sit. I will also monitor this to see if over time he works out how to do this; in the meantime, I just help him stand.\ So I’ll keep trying stuff and will write in a few weeks to let you know how he is adjusting.

Hi Molly, just wanted to let you know that Rex’s knee brace (July) is working out really well. He didn’t seem to mind it that much, even at the beginning, as we put it on him before his evening walk and he surely wouldn’t want to miss that!! Now he moves with complete ease and indeed the brace does seem to give him stability and comfort. We can do longer walks and he doesn’t seem to have soreness afterwards. While the brace won’t actually fix the problem (only surgical repair would do that) the brace seems to keep him comfortable and prevent aggravation of the bad knees. Since he is a cancer dog, we want him to have a good summer (chemo ended 6/9) and indeed it seems that he is.


Dear Molly

This past spring we ordered a knee brace from you for our 13 year old
German Shepherd mix Mandy.
Thought you might like to see the pictures of her on our vacation this

Mandy is a 2 time cancer survivor. She had the torn ligaments in both
her knees replaced eight years ago.
Then 2 years ago she started to have really bad problems with her one
knee again. After another replace- ment surgery that she tore out in
only 3 weeks we thought her walking days were numbered. She hardly moved
except to go out and to eat. Her back legs became so weak and emaciated
it hurt to look at her.

After we got her knee brace from you and put her on an anti-inflamatory
she was like a different dog. We only use the brace when we take her on
walks or when the yard is bad with ice and snow. But look at her in
these pictures. Doesn’t she look great? Hope you can open these pictures.

Our Vet has been quite impressed. She has gotten your information from
us and recommened you to other patients. Thank you for doing this
research and making these braces available.

We just thought you might like to see her. Wish we had some before
pictures, but all she did before was lay around.

Thank you again.

Just wanted to let you know, that my dog Kawich healed up pretty good.
You made him a brace back in Mar-April, He probably is about eighty
percent now, but doing well. He will be able to lead A pretty normal
life.He can slow jog and walk good distances now, Been camping able to
play with other dogs.

Thank you, God bless

Hi Molly
Just wanted to let you know we are getting a lot of use out of the brace we picked up in late January for Brutus. He was able to enjoy walks on the beach on St. George Island in Florida for the month of February. (He got a lot of attention, everyone wanted to know what it was).
It wasn’t a lot of fun getting it on him, but as time went on we got a lot faster at it. He hates getting it put on him, but he also knows it means a walk, so he tolerates it well.
He just had surgery on his knee 4 days ago, we are waiting for it to heal somewhat before we start using the brace again. I’m sure it will help.
Thanks so much for expediting it for us.

Hi Molly

Ania and I send heartfelt thanks for a wonderful, well made product.

The knee brace arrived Thursday. It took both of us a bit of time to
familiarize ourselves with it……how it should fit and feel and what was
possible with it on in terms of movement.

Of course I had some doubts if I was positioning it properly and Ania was
really not too thrilled with it, but over the last few days, wearing it a
little each day and practicing taking it on and off, I feel it fits
correctly and will be a help in stabilizing her legs.

Thanks Again

Hi Molly,
Just a note to let you know how Marleigh is making out with her knee brace. It took awhile for her to get used to it, we put it on in the mornings at first, and I was feeling badly about putting it on because she struggled with it, but now she wears it for the better part of the day. She gets around suprisingly well without it, considering the state of her knee, but now realizes that she can move more steadily with it on. As you can see from the picture, she is pretty content!
Marleigh thanks you, and so do we.

It took less than two weeks to get Jaimie’s braces. I was really happy with that.
Here is what I noticed:
Jaimie does not run when she sees the braces in the morning but she does have a hard time standing long enough for me to wrestle them on. My problem not hers. With practice I will become faster and more accurate so I don’t have to adjust them after they are on;
She puts more weight on her badder (injured about a month ago as opposed to a 2 years ago) and her good leg is more to the outside of her body. Without the brace her gooder foot is centered under her body and takes 90% of her weight;
Although she is slow walking with them, she walks much better, with less limp. I don’t have to carry her as much;
If the braces are not correctly adjusted, she sits or flops down as soon as she can. Sometimes she waits until after her pee or what ever; and
She can walk down a few stairs, but has learned to cheat when she is in a hurry and her more recently injured leg sticks way out to the side. It’s funny to watch, but I don’t like to encourage bad posture.
At bed time she comes and rounds me up. I remove her braces and give he a fast and furious massage, (cuz that’s what I do for a living) with emphasis on her knees (stifles). I check for any chaffing but so far so good. I am quite happy with her progress so far and the vet said Jaimie is walking much better and doesn’t seem to mind the braces at all.
Check out Molly’s URL. I encourage you to pass it on.

All the best.

Hi Molly,
I’m just writing to thank you for Daisy’s knee brace. It’s helped her knee pain and related anxiety such that her breathing problems due to age related trachea paralysis are eased, so I’m very happy! I wanted to let you know that I mailed the check today, so it should be there by this time next week.
Take care,

Hi Molly:
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Lincoln is doing. He has totally adjusted to his brace. It really didn’t take long, Newfie’s are so easy going. He walks so much easier now, he even wants to run. We stop him, of course, but it’s good to know that he is able. He is back to being a happy dog and full of life. He has been eating again on a regular basis, something he didn’t do when he couldn’t stand long enough. I’m so grateful for the brace. We couldn’t have managed him without it. We are hoping that it speeds the healing process and he can one day get along without it, but in the meantime, at least he is fully functional and light on his feet!
Thank you so much.

Dear Molly:

Just a quick note to let you know that your brace has worked really well
for Tess. She wore it religiously for all the time up to the last week of
July. We then walked her at our cottage and in the ocean for the next 9
weeks. She never really raced off after any squirrels so just steadily
got stronger. She has not been wearing it now since the last week of July
and is doing famously. We are so pleased with the rehab and know that
once the snow falls that we will have to watch once again but as for now
she is great.

Thanks again, we are so glad that our vet referred you to us.

Hope all is well with you, your family and your business.


Hi Molly,
I ended up making some adjustments to the fit of the brace yesterday
morning. The collar was too high and tight putting pressure on her throat so she couldn’t put her head down and she had a hard time laying down or getting up. Now it is down on her chest instead and she can move more
freely. She had it on all day yesterday from 8 a.m. until about 11:00 p.m.
last night with no complaints or problems. This morning she stood still
while my husband put it on which indicates to me that it is much more
comfortable now and she doesn’t mind it. The leg pieces and saddle are
staying in place better now too. She was barley limping this morning so it
must be helping! Can you send me the URL for the Canadian booties you mentioned? I would like to compare.
Take care.

Thanks so much for your reply Molly.
I’ve been having Quincy wear the brace on both legs.Like I said when I tried it with the one leg> It didn’t look right. Quincy is a really mellow dog. He is our couch potato of the dogs. Alfie is the reaper. So inside the house I alternate having the brace on for a few hours then off. When we are outside he usually has it on–except for quick trips before bed and in the am. He is really doing well the majority of the time. He has started this past week on standing on the bad leg to urinate. before he was just standing on the surgical leg. We see the vet on thursday. I think I’ll continue what I’m doing with the brace on both legs, as it does help him. And I’d hate him to wreck his good leg. He hasn’t hunched up for at least a good 6 days. When his back does hunch it usually is only for that day. So I’ll keep my eye on it and see what the vet says.
Thanks again.

Dear Molly:

In November, my almost 13 year old Golden Retriever, Jazz ruptured his cruciate ligament rolling in the grass.  This kind and gentle giant had been a Therapy Dog for a little over 10 years and was going to retire on November 28th.  The hospital where he worked had planned a retirement tea for him (and me) and now it appeared that he would not be able to attend.

My vet. explained the options for treatment to me.  First was surgery, but at 12+ years he would be a risk for that and the long period of inactivity afterwards would be very difficult.  The second was just to keep him as inactive as possible in his crate for about 6 weeks and hope that some scar tissue would form and he would be able to get in and out with help to go to the bathroom.  For such and active, social dog, either option seemed very sad and I seriously considered having him euthanized. ” We could try putting him in knee braces,” The vet said, he had only had one other dog treated in this way.  I was willing to try anything, so Jazz was measured and we ordered him a knee brace from you.  When it arrived and I put it on him the first time, I must admit, I had my doubts.  I took him into the vet’s office and they trimmed and fitted it to him.  He seemed to understand at some level that it was a little safer to walk and he gingerly touched the toes of his injured foot to the floor. Success!!!!  He left the vet’s office, walking, although very awkwardly. Each day, he got a little bit more confident.  I borrowed a wagon from a friend and we practiced riding in it with his braces on.  By the time the 28th of November rolled around he was wagon savvy and able to walk short distances thanks to the braces.  He attended his tea in the wagon, and was so happy to be out doing his job with all the people that he had known for all those years.  He had touched so many lives, I had no idea, and they came from every facet of hospital life. He received many gifts and I will never have to buy him another dog treat for the rest of his life. They also had collected a sizeable amount of money to help pay for his medical bills.

Thanks to his brace, he is getting stronger each and every day and is going on brief walks with me each day now. I hope more people will become aware of this option when treating older dogs.  It has worked very well for Jazz and has given his life back to him.  He can now enjoy his retirement.  Thank you so much for letting me keep my dear friend for at least a little while longer.


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