Front Wheel Cart

Canadian Animal Rehab Services is a Canadian distributor of wheel chairs designed and made by Eddies Wheels™
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Key Benefits and Features

  • Wheel chairs allow companion animals to immediately return to an active life.
  • Each wheel chair is custom made to the measurements and specific needs of each animal
  • Benefits pets with injured or amputated forelimbs and neurological issues affecting front limb mobility
  • Design allows pets to sit, sniff and run
  • Designed with a fully supportive breathable mesh harness under the chest,
  • The rear yoke & mesh soft yoke sits over the rear which opens for easy entry & exit
  • Large wheels make the cart stable
  • Optional equipment may include
    • Raised crossbar to allow full range of motion for dogs whose natural stride is long after years of compensating for loss of limb
    • Tip wheels and detachable training wheels can be added
    • Stirrups if front limb(s) is non functional (prevents dragging)

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