Rear Wheel Cart

Canadian Animal Rehab Services is a Canadian distributor of wheel chairs designed and made by Eddies Wheels™
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Key Benefits and Features

  • Wheel chairs allow companion animals to immediately return to an active life.
  • Animal wheel chairs are most commonly used by dogs, however, they can also benefit cats and under certain circumstances rabbits.
  • Each wheel chair is custom made to the measurements and specific needs of each animal
  • Opens for easy entry and exit
  • Each wheel chair adjusts approximately 20% in height and length
  • The framework and support straps do not impede normal bodily functions
  • Optional equipment:
    • Stirrups to support non-functional limbs (prevents dragging)
    • Belly supports for pets requiring mid-body support
    • For larger chairs, can be hinged for more compact size
    • Variable Axle – this upgrade allows for pets experiencing degenerative conditions, front limb issues or pets over 9 years of age to adjust the balance of the chair to match the front limb changes in ability

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