Walking Aids

Sling Style Walking Aid

For patients that need just a “little bit” of help going from point A to B. Slips easily and quickly under the abdominal area.

Thick neoprene material conforms to pets body shape, therefore will not “bunch” and eliminates a constricted support (such as in the use of a towel).

Adjustable handles to accommodate the differences in height between owner and pet. Handles can also be attached together in the event the aid is required to be left on for short periods of time.

Step-In Walking Aid

The thick neoprene material provides a comfortable support under the pelvic area for pets that are afflicted with rear-end weakening conditions. The “snap buckle” design allows the aid to be left on for short periods of time where frequent assistance is required and provides for a quick release, removal of aid.

Front End Walking Aid

Front-end Style For patients afflicted with front end difficulties. This aid supports under the chest and can be left on for short periods of time or simply applied when needed and removed.

Other Supports

Elbow Pads

  • Uniform padding with adjustable front straps
  • Adjustable elastic strap over shoulder
  • Protects elbows from various injuries / conditions eg: hygroma, abrasions

Tail Protector

  • Provides cushioning when tail wags – Happy Tail
  • Adjustable side straps allows proper positioning of wrap

Body Wraps

  • Prevent patient from getting at surgical site
  • Hold drainage tubes in place
  • Sizes available S,M,L, XL

Ear Hematoma Wrap

  • Keeps ear flat if head shakes
  • Metal supports prevent wrap from “scrunching”

Shoulder Hobble

  • A Hobble Vest is used for medial shoulder instability to prevent the forelimbs from abducting or moving away from the patient’s midline.

Neck Support

  • A neck support to immobilize the movement at the neck often due to medical conditions such as Atlanto-occipital subluxation, Atlanto-axial instability Intervertebral Disk Disease or Post-op recovery support.

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